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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

On the Road: Part 1, Chapter 6 - Bromance cooling down in Denver

He's finally arrived!

Well, hello fellow K'Liters! 
Where have we been, you ask? Well, all I can say is that it's difficult for two friends who live in two different time zones on two different continents who have two very different work schedules to coordinate this shizz but we make it happen because we love it. ;)  And because you guys are awesome!  
Stick with us, won't you? We won't let you down. We promise. 

Lorabell and I chatting this up today was quite an interesting conversation. Sometimes we do our best work under pressure and with the shortest chapters. This one is no exception. 

There was some good "extra" stuff that was edited out of the official discussion but let's just say Stew's photo shoots were involved. Gah, I love a good debate! 
Just wait till we get some of you guys involved in the weekly chat. You'll see what kind of Stew Induced Crazy you miss out on... ;)

Gah. Ded. I couldn't resist. [LB note: woman, I'm surprised you didn't embed the BTS video :p]
Time to see if our guy Sal has found Dean... Without further adieu...

Exes and Ohs,

Chapter Summary:

Sal has finally arrived in his precious Denver and seeks out his old pal, Chad King. Chad (along with some other old pals) have separated themselves from the other side of the group (namely Dean and Carlo). Sal feels this is some type of social war caused by Dean's unsavory upbringing but seems quite content to be in the middle. And he's still desperately seeking Dean.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: it's a small lyric, but so many of his are like that - simplistic isn't the same as simple - little things, said in the most direct way, can mean so much more

LettieLou: i think that's why i adore kerouac... he does that exact thing...

Lorabell: and I think that Kerouac's writing, although descriptive, doesn't become unnecessarily wordy - it says just enough and just exactly what he means and it takes you there - really YOU, not just any reader but you overlay your own memories to his

LettieLou: Page 38... "He still had his old office over a garage down the street- the rolltop desk was still there, together with the dusty papers of past excitement and moneymaking." that last sentence, to me, is the perfect example of that. my mind can go a thousand places with that one sentence.

Lorabell: I can see it, totally but at the same time as thinking of my Dad's desk from childhood

LettieLou: my papaw's too! LOL! he doesn't have to go on for an entire paragraph about the way the desk looked...

Lorabell: no, exactly - it's precise without being lacking

Want to read along with us? Great! Go Here

Read the full conversation after the cut...

Friday, 20 January 2012

On The Road: Part 1, Chapter 5 - is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to head West?

Hello again, KLiters!

LettieLou and I are so stoked that Kristen and Kerouac fans alike are joining in with our read/groove/bake along :)

Please do let us know your comments on the book as well as any songs that you think would be just perfect for the soundtrack or any of our recipes that you've tried...

Down the road a bit (ha) we're hoping to invite guest commenters to take part in our breakdown, where you'll get to join in on the behind-the-scenes chat (and see what random tangent hilarity gets edited out of posts for our own good - trust).  Eventually, we'd love to turn this into regular group chat-room discussions - like our own online Beatnik Bootcamp!

Ya dig, Daddy-o?

- Lorabell

Chapter Summary:

After finally seeming to settle into his journey, Sal reverts to being immaturely impatient with his experience, once again yearning for Denver and his friends Dean and Carlo.  Failed attempts at hitting on nameless, faceless girls and empty extravagances with booze leave him sick and tired and dreaming of greener grass...

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: dude's got a pair of ill-advised balls

LettieLou: he doesn't give a shit

Lorabell: why should he? he's off to denver

to denver!!!

Lorabell: and driving in a truck full of dudes for however long would likely make you need a woman
hence why he moves straight onto that blonde bit

LettieLou: great segway

Lorabell: and everything in him is "pointing" at her - ha!
*bows* thanks

LettieLou: BUT

Lorabell: ?

LettieLou: even that seems disappointing to him
not enough, ya know?

Lorabell: true
she's kinda meh
and her friend isn't attractive

LettieLou: if dean isn't involved, it's not good enough

Lorabell: he's already checked out

LettieLou: *snaps*

Lorabell: what is WITH his mancrush on Dean?

As always, read along with us HERE

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

On the Road: Part One, Chapter Four - wanna ride?

Hello friends and fellow Kerouac fans! Happy New Year to you and yours. Hopefully your holidays were as fun and busy as ours!

It's been busy times around KL. Our very own Lorabell has been busy as a Stew loving bee baking up some delicious Mean Apple Pie. Check it out. Oh, and if you make any our recipes or have any suggestions, let us know!  I've also added a new tune or two to the On The Road playlist. Listen along and get inspired.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for reading along with us and for your awesome participation! It makes us super happy! Stew would love it (we think...)!

Let's go on with it; shall we? Let's see who Sal gets to encounter on the road... It's going to be an interesting, ah, ride...

Exes and Ohs...

Read along with us HERE

You gotta double-pump the clutch ;)

Chapter Summary: 
Our guy Sal is getting ready to take the "ride of his life" hitching a ride on the back of a flatbed truck driven by two cornfed farmboys. They don't discriminate against who they pick up and so Sal encounters some of the coolest cats west of the Mississippi. He becomes attached to some members of this rag tag group and has a few laughs along the way. Ever hopeful, he has his precious Denver in his sights.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: of course!
but his interactions with characters are more than fleeting glances here
we get to sit and chill with them for a bit

LettieLou: he loves them
he attaches to them

Lorabell: even if still briefly

LettieLou: like he might actually miss them

Lorabell: yup, he’s sad to see them go

LettieLou: exactly
his descriptions of the characters come to life more here. it's actually nice to not only hear about one or two people.

Lorabell: the story its-self is coming to live here - it's funny
trying to take a leak off the back of a truck...

LettieLou: oh god i know!
and i love how he said he did it "just fine" before

Lorabell: and the two drivers with their big smiles
zigzagging all over the road

LettieLou: can't you just see them??
i can feel the wind whizzing around my hair

Thursday, 15 December 2011

On the Road: Part One, Chapter Two - He wore what?

Hello fellow Scholars (and Stewsessors),

So... Chapter Two. Are you still with us? Good! Want to come along for the ride? Excellent! Hop in the car and read with us here.

Chapter summary:

Our narrator is invited on an adventure of a lifetime by a college friend. He is excited and has dreams of the greatest grandeur. Ill prepared (in every way) and hopeful, he sets out on, what he thinks, is the perfect route.
Through inclement weather and the advice of strangers with whom he hitches a ride, he realizes that he may need to change his plans. A bit. Still hopeful that if he reaches Chicago everything will be ok, he curses his own stupidity and hops on a bus bound for the Windy City.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: agreed, he has such "stars" in his eyes almost
grass is greener, etc

LettieLou: I love how he takes his tone from so hopeful with this grand plan and his piddly $50... to "just get me to Chicago. I don't care"

Lorabell: but that just demonstrates his continued lack of reality
just blow off most of his only savings after one day of set-backs because you were unprepared?
dude, it's a wonder you survive at that rate

LettieLou: Seriously... just you wait...

Lorabell: no spoilers!

LettieLou: I get frustrated with him... (NONE I SWEAR!)

Lorabell: frustrated?

LettieLou: Yes, like... "Don't blow your money now!"

Lorabell: oh totally

LettieLou: "What are you thinking with those shoes?"
I'm too practical

Lorabell: hahaha
but if you're setting off into the great unknown you need to be fucking practical
just because Dean and Carlo are apparently having a great time

Neal Cassady (left) and Jack Kerouac (right)

Monday, 12 December 2011

On The Road: Part One, Chapter One - Breaking it down, chatting it up

As a first read, we Kristen's Lit Girls agreed that On The Road was the place to start.

Not only are we stoked to see the film finally release in 2012, but LettieLou actually wrote her dissertation on Kerouac's scroll and I... well I just have a thing about reading the books before watching the movies!

Call me OCD - I'm largely inclined to agree with you - but mostly I just think it's respectful to the story :)

So... road trip, anyone?

Go HERE to read along with On The Road

Chapter summary:

On The Road opens as with our protagonist recalling his first memories of Dean, our supporting character who was "actually born on the road".
Dean arrives for the first time in New York with his new (and occasional) wife, MaryLou and we're hit with his high energy and inconstant focus.
Dean meets his match in Carlo before returning to the road with our hero quick to follow in his footsteps wanting "to know Dean more" and experience what his wanderlust entices...

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: Speaking of, we're introduced to MaryLou in chapter 1. Now, I've read Kristen saying something like how she realized that MaryLou wasn't this two-dimensional character she could have been played as and when I say "realize" I don't mean "came to think" but "made happen" as it were.

LettlieLou: Yeppo. His intro of characters is genius. He sets the tone for them ALL in this first chapter.
The majors anyway. He gives you a sense of them right off the bat. With a line. A word.
Not just what they look like.

LettlieLou: I got the impression from her that she really GOT Marylou

Lorabell: And of course all these characters, no matter how briefly we meet them, were people with lives and backgrounds and hopes and flaws.

LettlieLou: True. And I think it's fascinating to see them through Kerouac's eyes.

Lorabell: But because we DO meet them so briefly, I could see how it would be too easy for the performances of some to come off flat.

Lorabell: And especially with MaryLou who's almost a supportive role, a translation to screen could be shallow. 

LettlieLou: I think even though we get a brief glimpse here, he is so brilliant in how he weaves them into the tapestry of the entire story. Like he wants to give them the credit in the story for the profound effect they had on his life. No matter how brief